We are able to offer you a range of services; here is a list of what we can offer in a little more detail:  If there is something you need that we don't advertise please contact us by phone or alternatively send us an email.




Cat Visits


We can let your cat outside, play, brush and feed them, we can also clear their litter tray or change it for you. While we are there we can turn lights on/off, open/close curtains, pick up mail and water your plants if you wish.


Secure Key Holding


We are able to hold a spare key for you safely, we store the keys separately to their addresses to help ensure their safety.  Our insurance covers us for loss of keys.


Smaller Animals


We are able to offer services to smaller animals such as Rabbits and Hamsters please fill in our enquiry form for these services, stating the area you live in and we will get back to you with a quote.



















Dog Visits


Dogs are social animals who build strong bonds with people especially their owner, they find it difficult to be left alone for long periods of time and need to be let out for regular toilet breaks.  They need attention and mental stimulation and this is where we can help.


We offer a variety of dog visits that can vary in length depending on your pet(s) needs.  We can also visit multiple points across the day if you need us too.


With our dog visits, we will give your dog(s) lots of fuss and play. We will let them outside and feed them if you need us to or give them a treat. While we are there we can turn lights on/off, open/close curtains and pick up mail.


Dog Walks


Walking on Air Pet Care can provide your dog with exercise through play and walking. We have a variety of different length walks available to suit you and your pets needs, these vary in price and duration and can be with other dogs to help socialise your pet or individual. 


We can also feed your dog in line with walking them for no extra charge and also do more than one walk in each day.


We work alongside you in the use of preferred training methods such as sit, heal, wait, stay etc.


Pet Sitting/ House Sitting


While you are away we can check on your house and look after your pets, It will be agreed with you at what points in the day we will be about, prices will vary accordingly.










How it all Works


To book click on the contact us button and fill in our contact form, alternatively call us on

07763 394 366.


We will meet you and your pet before booking our first visit. This is so we can get to know your pets likes/dislikes and what you would like us to do. We won't send someone around to your house who hasn't previously met your pet, we will always notify you if there is a change of person (for example when a normal carer is on holiday). Each time we visit a message will be sent via email, watts app or text as to how things went. 


The initial meeting is without any obligation, we understand that letting someone else into your home and trusting them with your pet is a big decision. We would also like to remind you that all staff have a clean DBS check, pet first aid trained and are experienced pet owners, we are also fully insured.